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Best-otr-microwave-oven, save space in your kitchen with a mounted microwave; here are the best over-the-range microwaves from consumer reports' expert ratings.. The best over-the-range microwaves to fit your space, including small over the range microwaves, and top-tested microwaves from lg, ge, samsung, and more., we've been evaluating over-the-range microwaves for seven years and have invested hundreds of hours to find the best ones. the kenmore 80333 is our top pick because it has a wide variety of features and lots of power. its sensor cooking feature takes the guesswork out of choosing the appropriate cook times and temperatures for dishes..

Types of otr microwaves. otr microwaves come in the same types as countertop models, but here is a quick refresher: traditional: traditional microwaves are used for heating, defrosting, and cooking. they can be loaded with features like cooking sensors, preset buttons, quick keys, multiple power levels, and a turntable., looking for ways to clear some counter space? switching to an over the range microwave oven might just be your best bet. countertop microwave ovens are great, but an over the range microwave is a notch better.over the range microwave ovens generally include more features in comparison to other types of microwaves, like stovetop lights and venting fans..

A microwave is an invaluable kitchen appliance and by far the most utilized in many kitchens. find out the best over the range microwaves for your kitchen!, a good microwave oven can make your life so much easier. by quickly reheating last night's dinner, melting butter, softening ice cream and performing hundreds of other kitchen tasks, a decent .... Over-the-range microwaves, which are also known as over-the-counter (otc), above-the-range, and above counter microwaves, are different from regular countertop microwave ovens, because of their placement., i’m sure you’ll agree that having an over the range microwave. is a great way to maximize kitchen space and functionality.. those considerations were our top criteria for selecting the best model.. if you want to get right to cooking, the ge stainless steel over the range microwave oven is our top pick as it has 1.9 cubic feet of space and 1,100 watts of power..

For super fast cooking that will rival your oven's, check out these picks from our good housekeeping institute and kitchen pros ...

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