Closet Pole Shelf Height

Posted by Amy Fernandes on November 25, 2018

What Is The Closet Shelving Height?

The Perfect Closet Rod Height, Solved!. This marks the ideal depth of the closet rod. Next, you’ll want measure 66 inches from the ground upward, which marks the ideal closet rod height.

Closet Pole Heights. Some place between 60" and 72" for long hang, and for children's closet 48" will work.

What Is The Standard Height Of A Closet Rod?. What Is the Standard Height of a Closet Rod? For a double-rod closet, the standard height of the top rod is 81.75 inches from the floor, and the standard height of the bottom rod is 40.5 inches. For a single-rod closet, the standard rod height is 66.5 inches.

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