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Siding-with-harkon, for the elder scrolls v: skyrim on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "can i still side with harkon? (spoilers for dawnguard)".. Skyrim/dawnguard: should i side with harkon or dawnguard? i read on the wiki that siding with harkon is a lot more beneficial than siding with dawnguard. but i think that harkon is trying to do something evil. are these things i wrote true?, [request] side with harkon, decimate the dawnguard for sure. are there any, not so lore friendly, dawnguard mods that allow you to not kill harkon at the end of the dawnguard quest line? i want to be able to give him the bow, get kudos from harkon, and then get the approval to marry serana right after. sounds silly, but i am more of a vampire ....

For the elder scrolls v: skyrim on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "what are the benefits of joining harkon or dawnguard?"., want to buy cheap games? click on this link and you will support my channel as well feel like supporting me? https://www.paypa.... Skyrim: dawnguard dlc - if you choose to side with the vampires. • about siding with the vampires • includes the entire vampire questline in skyrim: dawnguard. i condensed the scenes as best i ..., several hostile huskies can be found in ruunvald, under the same trance as charmed vigilants. if siding with harkon and the vampires, several huskies will be encountered in forebears' holdout during the quest, " prophet.".

Lord harkon is a nord vampire, the leader of the volkihar clan in the elder scrolls v: dawnguard, and the primary antagonist, regardless of the side taken during bloodline. a powerful vampire lord, harkon rules his brood with an iron fist. he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, even if it..., accepting the reward of become a vampire from lord harkon is killing me and reloading to my last quicksave instead of turning me into a vampire and waking up in the castle's cathedral as a vampire as what's supposed to happen.

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