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Wool-dust-mop-for-hardwood-floors, the wool shop 48 in. lamb's wool wedge dust mop features a 100% lamb's wool head and a 48 in. hardwood handle. the mop attracts and holds dust from hardwood, tile and vinyl floors. it has a swivel head and wedge shape to access hard-to-reach places.. Buy sladust wool dry mop - big wooly and wooden handle: dust mops & pads - free delivery possible on eligible purchases, wool shop - 22 in. lambs wool mega mop - it naturally attracts and holds dust like a magnet. great for dusting hardwood floors, tile entryways, vinyl kitchen floors and walls. has a sturdy steel handle with a comfort sponge grip..

The best dust mop for hardwood floors is an important topic is every housekeeper. because everybody likes a clean dust-free floor. the clear hardwood floor has always been a beautiful symbol of peace for everyone., by quickly going over walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture, the wool draws dust like a magnet and holds on tight 'til you give the mop a shake. as you use and care for your mop it will get fluffier over time handmade in woodstock, vermont. Best dry mops for wood floors. dry-mopping is a gentle but efficient way to keep your floor clean. a quick spin around the house should only take a few minutes if you haven’t let the dirt build-up., made in usa since 1909 this genuine wool dust mop has all the advantages of wool with one helpful addition - a removable head - so you can hand wash it and keep it working at its best. natural lanolin picks up dust without ever needing chemicals or water. features swivel head with hardwood handle multi-colored wool with velcro® backing made by a fourth generation family business head about 12 ....

Wool dust mop uses the natural lanolin in wool to attract and hold dust. this dry floor mop won't scratch floors and gets better every time you wash it. product details page for wool dust mop with wooden handle is loaded., lambswool floor care our floor mops are specially-made of thousands of super-soft, dust-grabbing lambswool fibers to naturally attract and hold dust like a magnet. wonderful for dusting hardwood floors, tile entryways, vinyl kitchen floors, and even walls and ceilings..

Sladust wool dry mops and dusters are of the highest quality, literally the world's finest dust mops. great for dusting tile, hardwood, laminates and marble floors.

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